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What is MerchKing?

MerchKing is the first print-on-demand Ecommerce platform built for marketers to create, sell and distribute custom-printed footwear, bedding and more worldwide.

You create your own storefront with a custom branded domain then design and promote your products… We’ll handle the customer service and fulfillment; you just sit back and collect the profits!  


Does MerchKing Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes!  When you invite your friends to join MerchKing you earn $1.00 for every single item your referral sells (up to $10,000 per referral) 


How much does it cost to join MerchKing

You can join the MerchKing for just $0.50 which covers your custom domain registration, full-time customer support and other administrative fees for the first year!

How do I receive my profits?

You can choose to receive payouts via Paypal or Payoneer.

How long does it take to get paid the profits?

Profits are made available for payout within 48 hours of each sale on your site! No more waiting until the end of a successful campaign to get paid! MerchKing pays out faster than any other platform so you can reinvest your profits into scaling your business.

What are your base costs?

Our base costs are the lowest in the industry! High-Top shoes cost $34.00 while our Sneakers and Low-Tops are only $32.00!

Is there a minimum order requirement for orders to go into production?

There are no minimum order quantities. Every shoe you sell will be produced and you will receive the profits!

How long does each campaign last?

Unlike other platforms, MerchKing campaigns have no end-date or time limits. You can choose to end a campaign manually; otherwise your campaigns will run indefinitely.

How much money will I make?

You set your desired profit on every product and we’ll pay you the profits on each sale you make.

Are there price-breaks for high-volume sellers?

Each shoe is handmade from scratch in our state-of-the-art facility. Due to the manual nature of shoe production, each shoe cost is the same regardless of how many items are sold.

How long does it take for orders to be delivered to customers?

MerchKing has the fastest custom-printed-footwear production facility in the world. As soon as your customer completes a purchase their shoes will be handmade in 7-10 days then shipped and delivered by an express worldwide courier in 4-7 days. Total delivery times are 10-15 business days after purchase.

Will you be adding more products?

MerchKing will be adding more products as the platform matures. MerchKing will be the premier footwear app in the industry. To keep production times low we will be starting with canvas shoes as well as sneakers and bedding.

Will I be charged for customer returns or cancellations?

If a customer cancels their order within 48 hours of purchase and their order status is “Processing”, no profit is credited to your payouts balance.

If a customer decides to cancel after their order status is “In-Production” or they want to make a return or exchange, MerchKing will not deduct the cost from your profits.

Can I delete my facebook login information?

You can check how to delete facebook login data here:

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